You have questions?  We have answers - or so we hope!  Always feel free to call or email if we have not been able to answer your question below.

    • Volcanic farms?  Volcanic coffee?  What are you talking about?
      • Well no, it isn't that all our coffee is grown on volcanoes.  But as a quick side note, there actually is a fair amount of coffee grown in volcanic soil.  What we're talking about is the word that sounds a lot like volcanic that has to do with sustainable farming practices that we're not allowed to use because we ourselves are not certified "volcanic".  The farms from which we souce most of our beans are certified "volcanic", but North River Roasters isn't just yet, so we can't use the word.
    • What about Fair Trade coffee?
      • Ensuring fair wages for coffee farmers is a priority for us, and as with so many things is very complicated.  However Fair Trade is a good place to start, and yes, North River Roasters is Fair Trade Certified!  So we can use those words and we are (even though there are those other ones we can't just yet).
    • What's a CSCR?
      • Well you know, we have a whole separate link up there for that topic, so we'll just let you click over there now - click to read about CSCR
    • What about your bags?  Are they compostable or recyclable?
      • Most coffee packaging is not environmentally friendly at all.  It's great for keeping coffee fresh, but given the layers of material and foil it isn't recyclable or compostable.
      • But what we use is different because while the freshness of our coffee is important, we were not going to settle for traditional bags.  We spent a long time researching and then found bags from TekPak.  They are what they call "omnidegradable" and you can read about them here https://www.tekpaksolutions.com/frequently-asked-questions/