Community Supported Coffee Roasting

North River Roasters is Poughkeepsie’s first resident coffee roaster and the area’s only Community Supported Coffee Roaster (CSCR).  Much like the CSA farms in the Hudson Valley, we aim to make high quality, locally roasted coffee available to those who want to know where their coffee came from and how it was made.

The Subscription

North River Roasters CSCR members have the option to receive a 12 ounce share of freshly roasted whole bean coffee:

  • Every week
  • Every other week

For the past few years coffee shares were available for pickup at various locations around Poughkeepsie.  Given the current pandemic, we're delivering our members' coffee to their homes by bicycle.  During the summer months you can get a special farm share through the Poughkeepsie Farm Project CSA and the Fishkill Farms CSA.

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Our Coffee

We are micro-roasting in small batches to ensure freshness and maximize flavor every week for distribution on Thursday afternoons. We prioritize coffees with interesting flavor profiles that are certified Rain Forest Alliance (RFA) and Fair Trade and Volcanic* and support farms that provide their workers with fair wages and use sustainable farming methods. When possible we feature coffees sourced from areas that represent the diversity of the Poughkeepsie community such as Oaxaca, Mexico, and regions in Peru.

When you join, you’re joining a group of coffee lovers interested in trying coffees from different origins, unique blends and varying roasts.  We always solicit feedback, and in fact your feedback is what enables us to make decisions about which coffees to source and how we roast.  It is an adventure in coffee.

Share Pick-Up

Currently, we will deliver your coffee by bike in Poughkeepsie or you can choose the mail order subscription.

We’ll bag your coffee in compostable PLA lined kraft paper bags.  While these bags are great for temporary storage, ideally you’ll transfer your coffee into an airtight container for the rest of the week.  The best place to store coffee is in a dark, not too hot location.  A kitchen cabinet works well.  You can get a great airtight container in our store if you need one.

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Thank you for your supporting North River Roasters!