About us

My name is Feza Oktay, and I want to invite you to join us in making freshly roasted coffee available in Poughkeepsie!

I first became inspired about coffee by my daughter when she started working as a barista.  I started home roasting and was hooked.  Working in small batches and experiencing the smells, sights and sounds of roasting is captivating.

(Feza and his daughter on latte printed with Ripple coffee printer)

The Launch

In November 2015 we launched a community supported coffee roasting program to give our members fresh, locally roasted coffee every week.  Modeled after the farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that is prevalent in the Hudson Valley, we aim to make high quality, locally roasted coffee available to those who want to know where their coffee came from and how it was made. We offer different options for share amounts and distribute weekly right here in Poughkeepsie.


Our coffee is being brewed around the Hudson Valley at coffee houses, cafes, restaurants and educational institutions.  Our beans are for sale at various places as well.  The whole list can be found here.

    We are roasting in a renovated production space in downtown Poughkeepsie.

    Our Vision

    Long-term, we plan to employ the “launch and convert” approach to the cooperative business model and turn North River Roasters into a worker-owned cooperative for sustained benefit to the community.