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What is the policy on coffee that does not get picked up?

CSCR Subscribers,

We have realized a few challenges with coffee shares that do not get picked up for over three weeks from their share date. These coffee shares become challenging to the venue as the bin gets overfilled, making if difficult for members to locate their coffee. The coffee has also lost freshness.

If you are going away or are otherwise unable to pick up your share and would like to put your subscription on hold, that is no problem, simply let us know by emailing Emma at

Given all these factors, beginning March 25th unaccompanied coffee that has not been taken to a good home after three weeks from its share date will be taken by North River Roasters and donated to a local food bank or soup kitchen.

Remember to Maximize Freshness! We recommend that when you get your coffee home you promptly transfer it from the compostable paper bag into your airtight Airscape container to maximize freshness and flavor.  

We hope you understand and always welcome your thoughts and feedback.


The NRR Team