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North River Roasters Cold Brew Recipe

Cold brew is a delicious and simple brewing method that will have you refreshed and energized, and give a more true coffee flavor than traditional iced coffee. The recipe we are providing yields about 10 ounces of cold brew (some of the water gets retained in the grinds which get filtered out). Feel free to multiply the recipe to produce more cold brew, and to adjust your water to coffee ratio if you have tried it and the coffee is either too strong or weak for your taste.

Here are the simple steps to make cold brew at home:

1. Weigh out 1 ounce of coffee beans and grind on a course setting (like you would for a French Press).

2. Place grounds in a container. We are using a large mason jar but any food-safe container will work!

3. Place your container on a scale and TARE scale.

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4. Add 12 ounces of water to the container and stir well.

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5. Let sit for 12-20 hours at either room temperature or in the refrigerator. We prefer our cold brew at about 14-16 hours but this varies by taste.

6. Strain out the coffee grounds using a coffee filter, a nut milk bag, some cheese cloth, or other filtering mechanism that will capture the fine (coarsely ground) coffee grounds.

7. Serve up over ice and enjoy! Cheers.