CSCR This Week: Women's Blend

Greetings POK Coffee Lovers,


This week we’re featuring a Women’s Blend, grown by female producers in Colombia, Nicaragua and Peru.   

Fair Trade Organic (FTO) Café Feminino from Colombia is produced by a cooperative of over 400 women farming over 2,000 acres.  Started in 2004, their story is one of overcoming social norms keeping women in the home, resisting pressure to plant coca instead of coffee, and improving their communities with projects like the Healthy Kitchens Initiative that replaces smoke emitting stoves with clean burning stoves to reduce prevalent health problems like chronic pulmonary disease. 

FTO Peru from Las Damas de San Ignacio is produced by a cooperative dating back to 1969.  The cooperative distributes loans that enable producers to improve their own land as well as their kitchens, crafts and livestock.  A computer lab allows members to develop their technology skills.

And of course you’ve already heard about our direct trade, honey process, Bird Friendly Organic coffee from Nicaragua. 

In this blend, look for notes of chocolate, caramel, honey, walnut and fruit.

We hope that you continue to stay safe and healthy.


Here's to another cup – virtually together,

The NRR Team