CSCR This Week: Volcanic* Bird Friendly Nicaragua

Greetings POK Coffee Lovers, 

This week we are returning to our Organic Bird Friendly Nicaragua beans grown by women farmers in honor of both world migratory bird day this Saturday and Mother’s Day this Sunday. This is a varietal called Parainema and these farms are at a lower elevation than many, resulting in a lower acid, sweeter bean with notes of cocoa. 

By definition, bird friendly coffee is shade grown.  New research conducted in Brazil has shown that if producers move to 50% shade coverage for their coffee farms, it will help buffer projected temperature increases and retain more production capacity as the planet warms.  So, creating demand for shade grown coffee supports both producers and the planet! 

We hope that you continue to stay safe and healthy in this COVID climate!


Here's to another cup – virtually together for the time being,

The NRR Team

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