CSCR This Week: Valentine's Day Blend ♥

Greetings POK Coffee Lovers,

This week for Valentine's Day we're giving you a special blend of two origins with some chocolate and spicy notes.  Let us know what you think the components are, and we'll let you know next week. (Check back on the blog next week to find out what it was!)

We thought you might be interested in the history of coffee consumption and manual brewing methods.  For example, did you know it is generally agreed that coffee was first consumed in Africa in the area which is now Ethiopia.  Ground coffee cherries were mixed with beans and animal fat to create a calorie dense food.  Coffee was first brewed in the 15th century, when the Ottoman Empire controlled trade routes from Africa to Asia and had a monopoly on the coffee trade.  Known as Turkish coffee, grinds were boiled in water, a method that is still used today.  The drip method of brewing was invented in France in the 1800s along with the French Press.  Paper filters came along in 1908, invented by a German woman, Amalie Melitta Bentz, to eliminate sediment.  For more details as well as more recent history on coffee brewing, visit this link:

Here's to another cup together,

The NRR Team

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