CSCR This Week: Honey Bee Happy Blend

Greetings POK Coffee Lovers,

This week we’re featuring a new blend – Honey Bee Happy – a mix of Costa Rica and Honey Processed Peru.  RFA Costa Rica Willows from Hacienda Miramonte brings hints of citrus, honey, caramel and chocolate while the RFA Organic Peru has notes of raspberry, dark chocolate and cherry.  You’ve had both coffees as single origin and we hope you will like the combination.

We're also working on this year’s shipment from our direct trade relationship with the group of women farmers in Nicaragua.  This year’s deal isn't completely done, but it will bring in coffee from not just one farm, but two!  With the price of coffee that goes to farmers hovering between $1.00 and $1.25 a pound around the world, the good news is that we’ll be paying these farmers significantly more since we're working directly with the group, which in turn enables them to pay a living wage for their workers.  Both coffees are certified organic and Smithsonian Bird Friendly.  We’ll keep you posted as we approach delivery in a month or two!  As always we are grateful for your support of our efforts to prioritize social and environmental bottom lines.  

We hope that you stay safe and healthy.


Here's to another cup – together soon,

The NRR Team

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