CSCR This Week: Fair Trade, Organic, Papua New Guinea

Greetings POK Coffee Lovers,

This Week’s Roast - This week we’re featuring a new Papua New Guinea coffee we just got in with chocolate, nutty, earthy and spicy notes.  This coffee is both Fair Trade and organic certified, grown mainly on small farms in the Okapa Valley.  The Highland Organic Agriculture Cooperative is one of the oldest Fair Trade organizations in Oceania, certified in 2005 and consisting of 3,000 producers spread across 32 villages in a 500 square kilometer area.  The cooperative reinvests in securing fresh water and building infrastructure including roads that make these villages more accessible.


The Bean Belt – Did you know that location can affect coffee flavor.  Central American coffees are more “traditional” coffees that tend to have nutty, chocolatey flavors. They often have a mellow sweetness, with notes of toffee and brown sugar, and are lower in acidity.  South American coffees often have chocolate or soft fruit flavors. Brazilian coffees tend to have a thicker texture – known as a heavy body, or mouthfeel – and their flavors vary widely as coffee in Brazil is grown at different altitudes.  African coffees are usually fruity and floral, with berry and citrus flavors. They typically have higher levels of acidity, which results in a refreshing, lighter-bodied cup of coffee. Coffees from Indonesia, however, typically have a heavy body with earthy or smoky flavors, just like this week’s roast.  While these are generalizations, they do serve as a guide. 

We hope that you continue to stay safe and healthy.

Here's to another cup – virtually together,

The NRR Team