CSCR This Week: Community Blend

Greetings POK Coffee Lovers,

Given the COVID-19 crisis, we wanted to start by letting you know what North River Roasters is doing on that front.  

First, on Wednesday we will be delivering and leaving your coffee share on your doorstep, in plastic bags where needed in case of inclement weather.   If this presents a problem, please let us know as soon as possible.  (Our pick-up locations are in varying states – the Underwear Factory is closed for at least this week; Café 40 is open for take-out only; and the Boardman Library is closed for the time being.)

Second, while we have always been following proper food manufacturing and handling protocols, we will continue to do so with an even higher level of vigilance. We are actively checking on updates from the CDC and the NY State Departments of Health and Agriculture and Markets and following recommendations including those relating to employees, hygiene, environmental cleaning and sanitizing, social distancing and remote work.  We are also practicing social distancing outside of work to keep ourselves healthy. 

This week we’re featuring a Community Blend of Timor and Colombia with notes of milk and dark chocolate, brown sugar, cherry, tangerine and allspice.  The FTO Timor comes from a cooperative of small farms in East Timor in an area of high altitude.  The FTO Colombia Tolima coffee comes primarily from indigenous coffee-growing families who typically have 50 years of growing experience. 

We hope you enjoy this week’s blend and that you stay safe and healthy.


Here's to another cup,

The NRR Team

If you like what you see, you can sign up for our CSCR program here. If you would like to learn more about what our CSCR program is all about, you can find more information here