CSCR This Week: Celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day

Greetings POK Coffee Lovers,


This Week’s Roast – This week we are recognizing Indigeous Peoples’ Day, a holiday that is celebrated across the United States on the second Monday in October, and is an official city and state holiday in various localities, including nearby Rhinebeck, NY.  It started as an alternate celebration to Colombus Day, which celebrates the Italian explorer who many see representing the history of colonization in the Western Hemisphere. 

This week’s coffee, with notes of milk chocolate and brown sugar, is from Oaxaca, Mexico, Poughkeepsie’s sister city and a big coffee producing region.  This Fair Trade Organic coffee is produced by indigenous farmers who are part of the CEPCO coffee cooperative, the largest association of small coffee producers in Oaxaca. 

Did you know? - Although Indigenous Peoples comprise only 5% of the world’s population, they safeguard 80% of the planet’s biodiversity according to Amnesty International.  More than 20% of the carbon stored above ground in the world’s forests is found in land managed by Indigenous Peoples in the Amazon Basin, Mesoamerica, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Indonesia.  “Their sophisticated knowledge of the natural world means that where Indigenous Peoples have control of the land, forests and biodiversity flourish…,” helping fight climate change. 


We hope that you continue to stay safe and healthy.

Here's to another cup – virtually together,

The NRR Team