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Distribution Week of September 26th

Poughkeepsie Coffee Lovers,

This Week’s Share
This week we are roasting our Rwandan coffee! Thanks to everyone who gave us their feedback on the two different samples we shared over the past few weeks. There were widely varying opinions, which just goes to show how everyone’s tastes are different.  We took the feedback to heart and hopefully you’ll like how we’ve roasted it this week. The roast time has been lengthened, but at the same time the temperature reduced. You should hopefully get both some nice fruity acidity along with some good body. Please let us know what you think! This Fair Trade certified coffee comes from the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative in central Rwanda. Founded in 2000 and consists of 80% women. We wish our subscriber Katie Green well in her relocation from Poughkeepsie to Rwanda!
Coffee News
In the spirit of this week’s roast and because we love seeing advancements in the socially conscious coffee world, here is an article from Daily Coffee News about a $10 million grant given by Bloomberg Philanthropies intended to help improve the livelihoods of women coffee farmers in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo through training and market access. That’s what we in Poughkeepsie like to see! 

North River News
Emma (the person who is writing this email to you now!) has taken an opportunity to travel to Thailand and Bali from October 12th to November 18th. While she is away please direct your questions to Thank you!
Happy Brewing!
-The NRR Team