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Distribution Week of September 19th

Poughkeepsie Coffee Lovers,

This Week’s Share
This week we are roasting our Oaxacan beans! This coffee comes from the association of small coffee producers called Unidad Ecologica para el Sector Cafe Oaxaqueno, also known as UNECAFE. This association was founded in 2011 and is run by members of the Chatino, Zapoteco, Mixteco, Chontal, and Chinanteco indigenous groups who live in 30 communities in the coffee regions of Oaxaca. This coffee is Fair Trade Organic and has a creamy body with notes of cocoa.

Call for Testimonials
We would like to ask all of you, our awesome CSCR subscribers to share your experiences as Poughkeepsie Coffee Lovers! To do so, please write a comment on the top post on our Facebook page sharing your experiences with the coffee, with the NRR team, or anything else you can think of about NRR! When you do, we will document them and keep them to use in the future to help grow the business. If you are not a Facebook user we invite you to simply reply to this email with your comments. Thank you again for your support!

Mindfulness with your Morning Cup
While pouring our morning cup of coffee often signals “go time”, here from the New York Times is another perspective to help us savor that first cup of the day.

Happy Brewing!
-The NRR Team