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Distribution Week of August 22nd

Poughkeepsie Coffee Lovers,

This Week’s Share
This week we are roasting our Peruvian coffee! This coffee comes from the El Palto cooperative from the Cajamarca region in Peru and was farmed by Senor Carranza. The El Palto cooperative was founded in 2003 by 35 farmers and now consists of 189 members, 40% of which are women. El Palto’s coffee is certified Fair Trade Organic. This coffee has notes of apple, chocolate, and brown sugar.

Subscribing vs. Buying Single Bag
People often ask us where they can buy a single bag of coffee. There are two easy answers: on our website for pickup at a distribution location, or at Adams. While these are great options for getting our coffee, this business is about more than buying a single bag and taking it home from the store. As subscribers not only do you get to try a broad range of coffees that support both this community and the communities that they are sourced from, you serve as a solid foundation for this business and help steer it towards success by giving feedback on our activities and helping us determine what coffees we should source. Thank you for your involvement in this community!

New Coffees In Store
We are excited to share our new Sumatra Gayo Ketiara and our very first African coffee, Rwanda Gakenke with our subscribers in the coming weeks! We’ve gotten requests to supply coffee from Africa, and with a founding subscriber moving there at the end of the year we decided it was about time. These coffees came highly recommended by one of our most supportive specialty coffee suppliers, Todd Mackey.

Happy Brewing!
-The NRR Team