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Distribution Week of June 20th

Poughkeepsie Coffee Lovers,

This Week’s Share
We have Oaxacan coffee beans back in stock! 
This fair trade organic coffee is produced by an association of small coffee producers called Unidad Ecologica para el Sector Cafe Oaxaqueno, also known as UNECAFE. This association is run by members of the Catino, Zapoteco, Mixteco, Chontal, and Cananteco indigenous groups who live in 30 communities in the coffee regions of Oaxaca. Forty percent of the over two thousand members of this organization are women. This coffee has a creamy body with notes of cocoa. 
New T-Shirts Available – Screen Printed by Hand at Barrett Art Center 
We have some beautiful new t-shirts now in stock! These shirts were screen printed by hand by local artist Anita Kiewra at the Barret Art Center. Represent Poughkeepsie’s coffee roaster! T-shirts are available on our website tomorrow (6/21) and with us when we serve coffee at community events!

Thanks to the folks who have let us know that they will not be able to pick up their coffee shares due to vacation! That has been very helpful for us to plan our roasting. 
Happy Brewing!
-The NRR Team