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Distribution Week of May 16th

Poughkeepsie Coffee Lovers,

This Week’s Share
Thank you very much for sharing your request for which beans you wanted us to roast this week! From your involvement with this decision we decided to create a Collaboration Blend featuring the Costa Rican and Mexican beans! The most preferred coffees seem to be Costa Rican, Peruvian, and Mexican, followed by Sumatran and then Colombian. Since we could only go with two, we’ll be sure to factor in your requests when planning for the next few weeks of roasting! To learn more about these coffees visit our coffee page on our website and please share your feedback. As always, see the attached pdf to find out if it is a pick-up week for you: NRR – Report for Subscribers
Welcome to the PFPeople!
There are several new people receiving this email this week – our awesome PFP subscribers who we have come to fondly refer to as our PFPeople. Thank you to all of our new subscribers, and welcome to this community of coffee lovers in Poughkeepsie who are also supportive of revitalization and other community efforts! Reminder that you will start getting coffee shares once the CSA opens in June.
Exciting Updates at Poughkidsie 
Poughkidsie sources North River Roasters coffee and is also a distribution location for our subscribers! Check out their new, updated cafe space that they are rebranding as The Coffee Studio. Stop by for a pick-me-up and look out for some new crafting offerings for the community in their awesome studio space. We wish them luck and look forward to this new venture!
Happy Brewing!
-The NRR Team