Distribution Week of 7/17

This week we have um café mineiro, or coffee grown in the Brazilian region of Minas Gerais. This region has international fame for its coffee and fazendas de café are a dime a dozen. However, finding a farm dedicated to organic and fair trade practices is not as easy. Luckily for us, in 2010, Ricardo[…]

Distribution Week of 7/10

This week we have a new coffee for you that celebrates community unions:  a blend of beans from creative cooperatives in Mexico and Colombia. We hope you like it! Our first bean comes from Sol Naciente, a Fairtrade and Organic Certified cooperative in Sierra Nevada, Colombia. After having been seized by decades of domestic conflict,[…]

Distribution Week of 7/3

Happy 4th! This week you will be receiving beans from Costa Rica’s COOPEDOTA Cooperative in Santa María de Dota. COOPEDOTA has a unique history of progressive thinking. Since the beginning the founding coffee farmers of Santa María de Dota understood that sustainable practices would help protect their land and their crops in the long run.[…]

Distribution Week of 6/26

For this week’s coffee share, you will be receiving our Guatemalan beans from the Atitlan Region. Finca Ceylan & Anexos provides local workers and their families housing and educational benefits.

Distribution Week of 6/19

This week we are roasting up a crowd favorite: coffee beans from the Peruvian CENFROCAFE cooperative in the Cajamarca region. Peru is north of the Tropics of Capricorn latitude and therefore, part of the Coffee Belt. Due to its placement high in the Andes, the coffee beans tend to present a medium bodied, slightly sweet,[…]

Distribution Week of 6/12

We are roasting a blend that we hope embodies the creativity of Poughkeepsie artist community. A mix of Fair Trade, Organic beans from East Timor and Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia will come together to form a unique balance. We look forward to hearing how it hits your palate!

Distribution Week of 6/5

The beans we’re roasting this week come to us from the Unidad Ecológica para el Sector Café Oaxaqueño (UNECAFE) in Oaxaca, Mexico. In 2011, members from the Chatino, Zapoteco, Mixteco, Chontal, Chinanteco indigenous tribes founded UNECAFE. They bound together with the common goal of cultivating organic coffee on more than 13,000 acres of land. Forty[…]

Distribution Week of 5/29

This week we have a Fair Trade, Organic Yirgacheffe from the Banko Dhadhato Cooperative in Gedeo Zone. Founded in 2012, they are a relatively new cooperative. They are comprised of 177 farmers growing indigenous heirloom coffee. One notable feature of this coffee is found in the processing. In comparison to our other beans which are all[…]

Distribution Week of 5/22

This week we will be mixing it up with a blend from Peru and Costa Rica. The Peruvian beans are from the CENFROCAFE cooperative in the Cajamarca region in Peru and are Fair Trade Organic. The Costa Rican beans come from COOPEDOTA in Santa María de Dota. They are Rainforest Alliance, Carbon Neutral, and CAFE[…]

Distribution Week of 5/15

This week we are roasting our Guatemalan beans from the Atitlan Region. Finca Ceylan & Anexos employs local workers which provides a source of economic stimulation for the region.  Workers and their families enjoy housing and educational benefits through Finca Ceylan & Anexos. In order to protect the surrounding natural resources,  Finca Ceylan & Anexos utilize numerous environmentally-conscience[…]