Distribution Week of 7/10

This week we have a new coffee for you that celebrates community unions:  a blend of beans from creative cooperatives in Mexico and Colombia. We hope you like it!

Our first bean comes from Sol Naciente, a Fairtrade and Organic Certified cooperative in Sierra Nevada, Colombia. After having been seized by decades of domestic conflict, two competing coffee growing communities decided to take back their land through land restitution and, together, build an economy based around sustainable coffee.

The second bean is from Unidad Ecológica para el Sector Café Oaxaqueño (UNECAFE) in Oaxaca, Mexico. This particular Cooperative is known for the diversity of their members. Individuals from Chatino, Zapoteco, Mixteco, Chontal, and Chinanteco indigenous tribes were founding members of UNECAFE. Today approximately 40% of their members are women.