Distribution Week of 5/15

This week we are roasting our Guatemalan beans from the Atitlan Region. Finca Ceylan & Anexos employs local workers which provides a source of economic stimulation for the region.  Workers and their families enjoy housing and educational benefits through Finca Ceylan & Anexos. In order to protect the surrounding natural resources,  Finca Ceylan & Anexos utilize numerous environmentally-conscience practices:  coffee fruit is used as natural fertilizer, water from wet mill processing is filtered through oxidation tanks before reentering the watershed, and diverse species of plants and wildlife are protected within the Finca Ceylan natural forest reserve. Their practices are certified by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center as being “bird-friendly.” In addition to coffee,  Finca Ceylan and Anexos cultivate cardamom, macadamia nut, banana and plantain, and these crops also help provide for the well-being of farm families.