Distribution 1/28

Your next pick-up is tomorrow, Thursday, January 28th. As the indoor market at Vassar has re-opened (welcome back students!) pick-up at Vassar is now operational and distribution will regularly be on Thursdays. Coffee will be dropped off at all locations by 12:30. Reminder that the hours at the Vassar indoor market are 12:30-4:00pm. Enjoy!

Distribution Today

Your next distribution has arrived.  Pickup is today, Wednesday, January 20 at Poughkidsie and the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center.  You can pickup anytime after 1:00 PM.  Next week the Vassar market reopens so we’ll switch back to Thursdays and pickup at Vassar will be operational again.  Enjoy!

Next Distribution

We hope you’ve been enjoying the New Year’s Eve blend.  As you know, the Vassar market is still closed, so distribution will be on Wednesday, January 13 at Poughkidsie and the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center.  We’ll plan to have the coffee delivered by 1:00 PM.