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Distribution This Week

Distribution this week is on Wednesday, 12/16.  As you know from previous emails, Vassar is closed so we’ll have pickup only at Poughkidsie and the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center.  Please check the FAQ for hours
The coffee will be delivered by 1:00 PM Wednesday to both Poughkidsie and MHHC.  For those of you waiting anxiously for your Airscape containers those will there for pickup as well.
Based on the survey results there will be no distributions again until Wednesday January 6th.  We’ve heard from some of you that the 12 ounces per week has been a bit too much, so maybe this hiatus will give you some time to catch up.
For those of you who feel that is too long to wait for more NRR beans you can either purchase some additional bags for pickup this Wednesday or ask us to apply some of your future weeks to this Wednesday’s pickup.  Just let us know by 9:00 AM Tuesday morning so we can adjust accordingly.